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Choosing a Charlotte Plumber

Charlotte leak detection

How to Choose the Best Charlotte Plumber Why are Charlotte Area Homeowners NOT Using a Legitimate Charlotte Plumber? Well, the answer to this is pretty simple. Most homeowners are always looking for a deal. The latest and greatest promotion or coupon they find in that blue coupon envelope. Yes, it is no secret that plumbing

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Understanding Sewer Backflow Problems

Charlotte lawn aeration problems

As a homeowner, one of the things that is not usually on the list of things to maintain or inspect is the sewer system that leads out of your house. The last thing you want to experience in your home is a sewage backflow problem. Learn how to recognize the early signs of a clogged

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My Bathtub Drain is Leaking!

If you suspect your bathroom drain is leaking, you’ll want to take action right away. Signs Your Bathtub Drain is Leaking You might see the following signs: Damp patches on your ceiling (in the room under your tub) A neighbor below you complains of water leaking from the ceiling You discover you have rot problems

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Do you experience high or low water pressure in your home?

Charlotte plumber

Typically the water pressure in your home should be between 50-70psi.  Pressure is directly related to the location of the water source to your property. If your home is at a higher elevation relative to a tank’s location, you will have lower pressure. Conversely, the lower your home is , the higher the pressure. Low

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