The Gift of Service: Easy Plumbing Projects to do for Aging Family While Visiting Over the Holidays

insulate exposed pipes, pipe insulation sleeves

The Gift of Service: Easy Plumbing Projects to do for Aging Family While Visiting Over the Holidays

Happy holidays! If you’re spending time with elderly relatives and are looking for ways to make their lives easier, try one of these easy plumbing projects. All of these projects are quick, simple, and inexpensive—and they will save an older person from having to get on hands and knees under sinks or hurting themselves moving heavy appliances.

Check Appliance Hoses

Appliance hoses crack and leak over time; any older appliance is vulnerable to compromised hoses. Check the hoses for the following appliances:

  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator
  • Washing machine

Carefully manipulate the hoses, looking for signs of brittleness or cracking. Check the surrounding areas for signs that the hoses have been leaking; you will see or smell water damage where a small crack has been leaking.

You can easily replace the hoses that are in bad shape. Simply turn off the water to that part of the house, open the faucets to drain the lines, and bring the hose into the local hardware store to get a replacement. Replace the hoses. Test carefully, with someone watching to make sure nothing leaks as you turn on the water to the appliance source.

Check the Water Main Shut Off Valve

Older hands are often unable to turn old, rusted water main shut off valves, and this can be a serious problem in the case of a plumbing emergency. Prevent a costly plumbing disaster by checking the water main shut off valve to ensure it is easy to turn.

If the water main shut off valve is rusty or difficult to turn, hire a plumber to upgrade the older gate valves to the more reliable ball valve. The newest models will not rust and are very easy to turn.

Check the Crawl Space and Attic for Signs of Leaks

insulate exposed pipes, pipe insulation sleevesElderly folks certainly should not be crouching in crawl spaces or balancing on beams in attics. Take a quick look in each space for signs of leakage or problems with the AC unit or water heater (if in the attic). While in the crawl space, look for exposed pipes that may need to be insulated (to prevent frozen pipes that could burst).

If you find uninsulated, exposed pipes, take a quick trip to the hardware store for pipe insulating sleeves. These are easy to cut and slip onto pipes, making for a quick and easy project that will save them a huge hassle if temps drop below freezing for an extended period of time.

Need Help With a Charlotte Plumbing Project?

If you discover a plumbing project that is giving you trouble, we’re here to help. Give us a call and let us know what you need done, and we’ll be there to make sure you and your loved ones get the plumbing project support they need.

Article Summary

Quick question & answer: What are easy plumbing projects I can do to help my elderly family members? 

To help elderly family members with easy plumbing projects, you can check the hoses on their dishwasher, refrigerator, and washing machine. Also, look at their water main shut off valve to see if it can turn easily. In addition, you can check your family member’s crawl space and attic for leaks. If there are any issues, try contacting a plumber.

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