The Real Cost of Water Damage

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The Real Cost of Water Damage

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Need Charlotte water damage restoration services?

It's a tough pill to swallow: if left untreated, water damage costs can be immensely high. Damage caused by floods, a broken water line or hidden water leak can run tens of thousands of dollars, and if insurance gets involved, it’s very likely that your home owner’s insurance premium will go up. Repair costs usually depend on the severity and exposure of the damage, with state and insurance costs factored in.

Breaking Down the Costs

Typically, professionals categorize the types of water damage. These increase in intensity: leaks are behind overflowing water which transition into sewage backup and mold growth. But, on average, what are the costs associated with specific repairs?

Drywall, if left for over 72 hours or if it has been wet and then dried again more than three times, needs to be fully replaced when wet and will cost an average of $500. This is typically due to its paper backer which, when wet, can cause a surge of mold growth. This is why we immediately begin water extraction and drying techniques.

Flooring repairs run from $350 to several thousand. Of course, the cost can drastically differ given the type of flooring. While hardwood floors can survive being submerged in water with relatively zero damage (if immediate professional water restoration services are employed, completely removing all moisture within 48 hours), they are extremely expensive to replace. Sheetrock replacement costs an average of $7 per square foot and painting a 250 square-foot piece costs a $325 average.

Cupboard replacements are much costlier repairs. If only the kick plate under the sinks is damaged, replacing them should cost about $200. However, if you need new cabinets, you’re looking at $10,000 or more.

Health Related Costs of Water Damage

Not only does mold cause structural damage with skyrocketing restoration costs, its negative health effects can prove costly and long-lasting.

Your health can suffer depending on the type and extent of water damage. Floodwater can have chemicals and sewage, and stagnant water can cause sporadic mold growth that can lead to respiratory damage, asthma, congestion, allergic reactions and eye irritation. For asthma alone, annual health costs can extend to $3,259 per person.

To be safe, it's best to invest in a respirator to prevent inhaling mold spores. These cost around $150 for full-face units, and while they are effective at protecting your lungs, they are not the most comfortable to wear. Better to hire a professional to clean up water damage and protect the family from the health issues related to mold.

An Ounce of Prevention

The most successful ways to avoid skyrocketing water damage costs are preventative techniques. Having a professional look over your basement and plumbing can save massive, piling costs in the future. Once you identify water damage or mold growth related to water damage, hire a professional.

Professional water damage restoration experts minimize your exposure to damaging health risks; developing asthma as a result of mold exposure, for example, costs Americans $2 billion in collectively-missed 14 million work days.

Need Charlotte Water Damage Services?

The only way to decrease water damage is through preventative maintenance and fast professional response when you notice the problem. While we can provide preventative services like burst pipe and water leak repair, we do not provide water damage restoration at this time. However, we can refer you to a restoration company that can help if damage has already occurred. Give us a call today to discuss your needs.

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Quick question & answer: What’s the average cost of water damage? 

The costs of water damage depend on the specific repairs needed. Fully replacing drywall after being wet for at least 72 hours is about $500. Repairing flooring ranges from $350 to several thousand based on the type of flooring and amount of damage. Installing brand new cabinets might be closer to $10,000.

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