Charlotte Plumber Advice: How Can I Tell if my Toilet is Leaking?

Is My Toilet Leaking?

Household leaks in the plumbing system are one of the most common reasons homeowners call ER Services. Not only can pipes in your plumbing system leak, your plumbing fixtures are also known to cause problems with leaks. Shower heads, water heaters, outdoor faucets and even toilets can spring a leak that can be costly if it is not corrected. Don’t let your plumbing issues go overlooked. We are here to answer your questions, like: How can I tell if my toilet is leaking?

Signs My Toilet is Leaking

Winter is a great time of the year to look for leaks. You will know if you have a leak somewhere in the winter if your water bill is inexplicably higher than normal for a winter month. You may have a leak if your household (of approximately 4 people) shows a winter month water usage of over 12,000 gallons/month. If you have a toilet that runs constantly, you could be dumping 200 gallons of unnecessary water per day. Usually your toilet is leaking due to a faulty toilet flapper because the rubber will decay or collect build up, causing it to no longer close properly. If you place some drops of food coloring in your toilet tank, you can test your toilet for leaks. If the colored water leaks into the bowl, you know you have a leak in your tank.

My Toilet is Leaking; What Can I Do Next?

If you have a leaky toilet caused by a faulty toilet flapper, you can replace it yourself very easily. The part is fairly inexpensive and can be replaced with a few simple steps. Occasionally, the problem is not a simple fix and the entire toilet will need to be replaced.

Charlotte Plumber Advice: Oh No! My Toilet is Leaking and Needs Replaced

Don’t fret if your entire toilet needs to be replaced. ER Services can assist you in replacing your toilet quickly so you can have your bathroom back! We strive to be prompt and offer top quality work to exhibit our excellent reputation to our new and current customers. Let this Charlotte plumber come fix or replace your toilet - we promise to do the right job at the best price!

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: How can I tell if my toilet is leaking?

You will be able to tell if your toilet is leaking in wintertime if your water bill is inexplicably higher than normal for a winter month. During the rest of the year, you can tell if your toilet is leaking if you have a toilet that runs constantly or you have a faulty toilet flapper.

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