Top-of-the-Line Sewer Line Leak Detection Equipment

Charlotte sewer line leak detection equipment

When you suspect you’ve got a sewer line leak, you need a professional using reliable leak detection equipment to quickly locate the leak and approximate the extent of the problem. You certainly don’t want a plumbing company that will dig up your whole sewer line searching for the problem. That’s why we use the very best sewer line leak detection equipment. Good equipment reduces the amount of digging and probing needed to locate the leak and fix the problem.

Traveler Sewer Camera with iPad

What do we use? Spartan’s all-in-one sewer inspection camera system, built to handle tough sewer line conditions and loaded with a high resolution camera that makes finding and examining the obstruction easier and clearer. Since we can see with the sewer line camera, we can determine exactly where the sewer line has been compromised and what we’re dealing with.

Ridgid NaviTrack Brick Transmitter

This sophisticated tracer locates lines and narrows down the exact location of the problem, making it possible for us to repair or replace your sewer line with minimal mess or disruption.

Sewer Camera + Tracer = Problem Solved

Tree roots? Breakage? Corrosion? Thanks to this excellent sewer line camera and transmitter, we can see what we’re up against and pinpoint exactly where the problem is, which helps us estimate cost, type of project (repair or replacement, trenchless technology or trenched repair), and what parts, heavy equipment and manpower are needed.

Because this technology is so useful, we have equipped our trucks with these two pieces of technology. While other plumbing companies are sharing equipment or have to go out and rent it, we’ve invested in stocking our trucks and training our technicians in using the very best leak detection equipment. That means we’re ready to diagnose and solve your problem when we arrive on the scene, reducing wait time.

Prepared to Solve Your Sewer Line Plumbing Problems

If you’re concerned that you have a leak, blockage, or slumping of your sewer line, give us a call at 704-846-5371. We serve a 25-mile radius of Charlotte, NC and are open 24/7. Whether you’re dealing with a residential sewer line back up or a commercial sewer line breakage, we treat your plumbing project with genuine concern and professional attention. We’ll get your home or business sewer line fixed and flowing properly again quickly and professionally.

Charlotte sewer line leak detection equipment

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Quick question & answer: What is the best sewer line leak detection equipment?

Spartan’s all-in-one sewer inspection camera system and the Ridgid NaviTrack brick transmitter are the best sewer line leak detection equipment. The high-resolution camera and transmitter let us see exactly what we’re up against and pinpoint where the exact problem is, helping us estimate cost, type of project, and what parts are needed.

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