Touchless Plumbing Solutions: A Way to Offer Hands-Free Sanitation in Your Restaurant, Business, Mall or School as You Re-Open Your Business

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Re-Open Your Business Safely

As businesses begin to re-open in the midst of COVID-19, keeping patrons safe is a priority. Since the coronavirus can spread through contact, touching seemingly harmless surfaces could prove dangerous. The virus can survive on surfaces for multiple days, meaning that a large number of people have the potential to come into contact with the virus, increasing the risk of spread. To prevent this, many businesses are opting to go touchless, using motion sensor plumbing options.

Protect Your Customers

sensor faucets covid safetyToilet handles, faucets, and soap dispensers are high-touch areas exposed to large volumes of germs. People turn on the sink after they’re done in the restroom, sharing their germs with anyone who uses that same faucet after them. Utilizing touchless technology in public restrooms helps eliminate that factor altogether. With just the wave of a hand, the action is taken in a sanitary manner, reducing the concern of virus spread. The toilet automatically flushes, soap instantly disperses into one’s hands, and then the faucet consequently washes away the bacteria. Touchless plumbing helps makes places like restaurants, hotels, malls, and schools safer during the pandemic.

Protect Your Employees

Safety of patrons is one concern; employee safety is yet another. Touchless plumbing protects your employees as well as customers. A local chef no longer has to turn on the faucet, increasing food safety in kitchens.

Long Term Cost Savings

In addition to being sanitary, hands-free plumbing proves cost-effective. Typically, when someone washes their hands, they allow the water to continuously stream. With touchless faucets, water turns off when the hands move away from the sensor, reducing the amount of water lost. With less water being wasted, savings and conservation increase, reducing the business’s overall environmental impact and saving you money in the long run.

Ease of Use

Touchless plumbing technology makes it easier for people to use a faucet, regardless of age or disability. A task that may have required assistance previously can now be done independently. Someone who struggles with their memory doesn’t have to worry about whether or not they turned off the faucet. Accessibility issues in restrooms decrease with touchless plumbing.

Interested in Charlotte Touchless Plumbing Upgrades?

Cleanliness, cost-effectiveness, and independence make touchless plumbing a great asset to our society—especially in the new age of concern about virus spread. Protect your patrons and employees, and proudly post hands-free plumbing as one of your business’s strategies for re-opening during the time of public safety concerns. Check out these touch-free plumbing options for inspiration, and give us a call to schedule a Charlotte hands-free plumbing installation.

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