Traveling Tips – How to Protect Your Home While You’re Gone For The Holidays

Winter in the south

If you’re traveling for the holidays, you’ll want to take the following precautions to protect your home:

Keep The Heat On

You might be tempted to turn the heat off while you’re gone, but be sure to only turn it down, not off all together. The last you want is to come home to frozen and burst pipes! Turn the heat down to 60 degrees, but no colder, because it’s very likely you have water pipes in your crawl space or attic that can freeze if the outdoors temperatures get in the 20’s or below. If you keep your heat at 60 degrees, it’ll keep those cold parts of the house warm enough to protect your pipes.

Keep Your Tap Dripping

You may be shocked to hear this after all our talk about fixing leaks and how much a leaky faucet can cost you. However, a burst pipe will cost you much more than a dripping faucet, so we urge you to leave the faucet dripping—and by dripping, we mean just barely dripping – if you have exposed pipes or are turning the heat down while you’re gone.

Quick Insulate Those Exposed Pipes

If you know you have exposed pipes in the colder parts of your home (attic, crawl space) or outside, you’ll want to quick buy a few insulated sleeve covers for your pipes and get them covered up. Again, insulating your pipes is much cheaper than repairing burst pipes and dealing with the water damage.

Invest in Timers

Set lights up on timers both inside and out so it will look like you’re home.

Stop the Mail

It’s not too late to contact the post office now to stop mail while you’re gone. At the first least, have a neighbor collect your mail for you.

Leave a List of Emergency Numbers With a Neighbor

Choose someone you trust, and give them your contact information for while you’re gone. Let them know if they should expect to see a pet-sitter or no one at all while you’re gone.

If anything goes wrong while you’re gone, we’re here to help. Feel free to leave our phone number on your list of emergency numbers - 704-269-1066.

Here at ER Services, we’re available to respond to plumbing emergencies 24/7, 365 days a year.

That means we’re open:

  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Eve
  • New Year’s Day

ER Services can service your Charlotte holiday plumbing emergency, so call us on in if something goes awry during the holidays. We’ll respond quickly and will solve your plumbing emergency at no extra cost.

Enjoy Your Holidays!

Once you’ve set your home up to be safe and secure, you can focus on your travel plans and enjoying the friends and family you love so much.

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