Tree Roots Wreaking Havoc on Charlotte Plumbing Systems

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Why are tree roots wreaking havoc on Charlotte plumbing systems? Tree roots break pipes, clogging them and causing expensive leaks. It can be tough to clear out a tree root obstruction inside a pipe, but it’s an even bigger job to dig up the pipes, cut the tree roots, (avoid the wires for electricity, cable and phone), replace the broken pipes, and then restore the landscaping to excellent condition. If you want to see what a job like this requires, check out our videos and pictures of just a few of the many root jobs we’ve handled over the years.

Tree Roots and Charlotte Plumbing Systems

Tree roots are always a problem for plumbing systems no matter where you live. Here is Charlotte, we have a lot of clay and rock, so the rain often runs right off lawns and doesn’t soak into the ground very well. The trees, desperate for water, search far and wide for a water source. If your pipes have even a teensy tiny crack in them, those tree roots will find it and will force their way into the pipe. Tree roots are a lot stronger than you’d imagine; they can crack open a pipe and clog it up in no time.

How We Handle Charlotte Plumbing Problems Like Root Invasion

You might be tempted to try to repair your broken pipes yourself, but this is a job for professionals. There are many dangers to this sort of job, including the following:

  • You might hit a wire while digging and electrocute yourself. You’d be surprised at how often we find pipes laid right next to wiring for phone, cable, or power for a home.
  • You may not know how to turn off the water or sewer source properly and may end up with a serious mess on your hands.
  • You may dig up half your lawn looking for the location of the leak.
  • You’ll have to repair that lawn after, which is very laborious and time consuming.

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