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Looking for a way to upgrade your home this year and are thinking about a wood-burning stove, gas logs or a direct-vent insert (gas fireplace)? Gas logs and gas fireplaces are a perfect way to add hominess and warmth to your living room or bedroom, and can even contribute heat to your home, reducing your reliance on your furnace heating the entire home when you only want to heat a small part of the house. The following are types of gas logs and gas fireplaces that have worked well for our customers and are the perfect holiday home upgrade.

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Vented Gas Logs - For Those Who Want Ambiance

Vented gas logs are best for customers that are putting in a gas fireplace primarily for the view of a roaring fire. Vented gas logs produce beautiful, incredibly realistic flames, but they are not very efficient when it comes to heat. They are inefficient because the damper in your fireplace must remain open when the vented logs are installed and used, and that open damper allows heat to escape through the damper.

Vent-Free Gas Logs - For Those Who Want Heat

Vent-free gas logs do not require an open fireplace damper, so the heat stays in. These gas logs are designed to use the air inside the room for combustion. The heated air then returns back into the room. Because vent-free gas logs do not require a chimney through which to vent, they can be installed just about anywhere (the exception being bathrooms or bedrooms).

The one problem we’ve noted with vent-free gas logs is that some people who are extra sensitive to odors or who have allergies (or asthma) may be affected by the by-products or odors associated with combustion. This can be solved in most cases by cracking a window. Vent-free hearth products burn very cleanly, and these products are equipped with sensors that will automatically shut off the gas logs if oxygen levels in the room are deemed to be unsafe.

Direct Vent Inserts - For Those Who Want Highly Efficient Heat

Direct vent inserts are an even better option than gas logs; they are energy efficient, they are the safest option (including air quality), they produce a beautiful flame, and they even incorporate a fan to pump the heat back into the room.

Direct vent inserts are designed to transform your fireplace into a beautiful, clean high efficiency heat source. These units are completely sealed, and they utilize air from the  outside air for combustion and return all fumes and combustion by-products back out of your home via a sophisticated vent system that is highly efficient. The glass shield affords an unobstructed view of realistic flames. Direct vent units are often used as a main heating source; they can be used anywhere, including living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Looking to upgrade your home to improve resale value? Then you’ll want to invest in a direct vent fireplace, which is the most popular choice for home buyers.

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Quick question & answer: What are the most common types of gas logs?

If you want to install gas logs in your home, there are several types of gas logs to consider. Vented gas logs will provide you with ambience, but little heat. Vent-free gas logs provide heat, but are harder on people who are sensitive to odors. Direct vent inserts provide energy efficient heat and have a nice flame.

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