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Charlotte water quality

Charlotte Water Quality Issues

The Flint, Michigan, water pollution problem and the recent report published by USA TODAY about lead in school water systems nationwide makes it evident that we can't take water quality for granted. Water quality problems happen for three reasons: problems from the city pipes, the housing or building fixtures, and pipes or from the water source (municipality, well).

Recent Water Quality Concerns

The problem in Flint, Michigan (read more here and here) stems from the town's elected officials deciding to switch water supplies from Detroit's municipal system to the Flint River, which is tainted with lead and other contaminants.

The problem reported in the USA Today article (read more here) is believed to be caused by lead leaching from building pipes, fixtures and soldering into the school and daycare water systems. Schools and daycares don't have to test their water for lead if they get their water from a municipality, but the problem is not the municipality - it is a problem of old pipes, fixtures and soldering at the schools and daycares. While the water may have passed EPA standard tests when it was at the municipality, the water used at the school or daycare is contaminated.

Learn what you can do to find out if your school or daycare's water is safe here.

Recent Charlotte Water Quality Concerns

Recently Charlotte water systems have reported elevated levels of disinfection byproducts called trihalomethanes that were caused by chemicals used by Duke Energy. Trihalomethanes may cause liver, kidney or central nervous system problems and may increase cancer risks. Read details of the cause of this spike in contaminants here.

Charlotte Water Testing Resources

Here at ER Services, we perform simple testing for substances like chlorine, PH, and hardness levels. We recommend the following local testing agencies for city water and private well system testing. A good quality water test costs about $300 dollars.

Free Charlotte Water Quality Report

You can read the annual public Charlotte water quality reports here.

Unfortunately, this doesn't measure your home's actual water quality. If pipes, fixtures or soldering are old, you may have problems from chemicals leaching from the plumbing. The standards for "safe" water change over time as well, so keep this in mind as you review the substances listed. Do your research.

Local Testing Agencies

For a thorough test, use a Charlotte water quality testing company such as the following:


Well Water Testing Agency
If you have well water, get it tested from an agency like this one here.

Charlotte Water Filtration Systems

As water quality problems are emerging all over the nation, more and more people are choosing to filter their water. To learn more about types of water filtration systems, click here.

To ask questions or talk to someone about a possible water filtration system, give us a call at 704-269-1066 or use our simple online contact form. We'll help you determine what the best options are for you.

Charlotte water quality

Article Summary

Quick question & answer: Where can I get my water tested if I live in Charlotte, NC? 

Yes! ER Services in Charlotte performs simple water testing for substances like chlorine, PH, and hardness levels. You can also read the annual public Charlotte water quality reports online. For a thorough test, use a water quality testing company. Well water testing agencies are available also if you use a well.

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