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Is your washing machine draining slowly? Is your washing machine not draining all the way? Is your washing machine drain pipe overflowing and causing water damage and flooding? Have you noticed water building up in the kitchen sink or garbage disposal? If so, you are having problems with washing machine stoppage, something the Charlotte plumbing experts at ER Services can definitely fix for you.

How To Determine What Is Causing The Washing Machine Stoppage

Check out the following symptoms and possible solutions:

Localized Washing Machine Stoppage

Is water coming over the standpipe when the machine is on the spin cycle? If you try to solve this yourself, you’ll have to move the washing machine, access the standpipe, disconnect the hot and cold water supply lines, and see if the clean out plug is deteriorating with age. Oftentimes the lines, pipes, or clean out plug can become clogged or corroded with age. Test the hoses to see if they are cracking or about to go, and consider replacing them.

You’ll have to figure out if the clog is something you can reach and unclog or if you’ll need professional plumbing equipment to solve the problem. In most cases, you’ll want to hire a plumber to handle this as the causes for the clog can vary and the heavy lifting can be intimidating. While you could try snaking the line, you'll often find the blockage is difficult to break up without professional jetting equipment.

Mainline Sewer Stoppage

If you see water collecting in other spots of the house (related to the washing machine operation), you probably have a mainline sewer stoppage. This can show up in the bathtub, shower, kitchen sink, or a lower floor sink. You’ll need to get a plumber out to check your mainline sewer lines to solve this problem.

How ER Services Can Fix Your Washing Machine Stoppage Problems

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  1. David Parker on

    Jennifer, The piping being black is puzzling sounds like black poly which is usually for water services. We would always rather shut the building off to accomplish a shut off valve installation. The only other way we do this is to pinch that line but that is something usually done outside incase it cracks or breaks. We would have to have a look and see what we can do? I don't think it would take very long to install a main valve on the building if exposed and we had to shut others down.

  2. Jennifer on

    I am varey puzzled I live in a 3 unit apartment rite now we have a leak under a upstairs cold water line the line is a black line that has clapes on it and no shutoff valve and I need to shut off that one line somehow without shutting off water to all 3 units and all 3 units runs with 2 water heaters a gas and electric one they both are runing all 3 units we need to know how we can shut off the cold water in the upstairs kitchen sink that has no off valve to the line to that one sink without shutting down everyone's water supply please help asap my closet down stairs unit is getting wet

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