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Imagine placing a glass under the tap in your kitchen sink, filling it with water, and drinking it; no extra knobs to turn for filtration, just plain water at its purest for your drinking pleasure. That’s exactly what you want when you get thirsty, isn’t it?

You don’t crave the chlorine your municipality uses to clean it or the organic matter that travels along with the water from the lakes and rivers where it is collected. You just crave plain, refreshing water. Unfortunately, that’s not what you are going to get unless you have a filtration system. However, you can repeat the steps above with H2 Harmony Drinking Water Systems and drink carefree.

What Do Charlotte Water Filtration Experts Suggest?

H2 Harmony Water Filter’s Simple Harmony is not your ordinary sink filtration system. For starters, you don’t have to worry about a tacky and space consuming filtration system attached to your faucet and getting in the way every time you fill the sink with dishes. This system fits under your sink and does the job every time you turn on the faucet, automatically.

That’s right. No filtration flippin’ carpal tunnel for you!

Plus, the H2 Drinking Water System creates 500 gallons of clean, refreshing water before you need to change the no hassle-no tools required filter. This system reduces bad tastes and odors, dirt, rust, and chlorine. It basically gives you only what you want.

But it’s still hard in here!?!

Charlotte Water Filtration Experts Know How to Conquer Hard Water

Hard water got you down?

That’s completely understandable. If you have a large volume of mineral deposits in your water, then it can cause a lot of unnecessary problems.

Stains on your clothing from washing them; stains on the tile surrounding your bath tub, in the shower or in your toilet from just running the water; spots on your dishes too—you thought you were a fan of polka dots, but this is not the type of décor you want hanging around.

What a minute, that’s not all. The worst is still to come.

Hard water can even leave build up in your hair and soap scum on your skin!

EEW! Enough already!

Don’t mess with the do, right?

But it’s true. Those mineral deposits will counteract with the lathering components in your soap and shampoo, keeping you from being the squeaky clean, silky haired vixen you are meant to be.

No one should have to live with frizzy, frumpy hair and scummy, scaly skin. Don’t worry. There is a solution. You can soften your water.

H2 Harmony has a product poignantly called Soft Harmony. It will bring balance into your world by softening your water on demand. It’s built to last; it’s made of non-corrosive materials; and it can be customized based on your needs.

Return to the days when you could let your dishwasher do the dishes without having to go back over the spots. And when your clothes came out of the washing machine clean and spot-free. Your bathroom once again sparkles without spending a pain-stacking amount of hours whipping it into shape on your hands and knees. Plus, most importantly, your hair looks fabulous and your skin is perky and revitalized.

What if I WANT everything to be clean and clear?

Best Charlotte Water Filtration System Advice

Bring Whole Harmony to your home in one simple process. This product covers the whole shebang: mineral deposits, taste, smell, and PH balance. Now you can open your mouth in the shower for a sip while lathering those silky tresses. All your water will be clean and clear. Just the way you’ve always imagined.

Don’t deal with another day of frumpiness and back breaking pain from carrying cases of water bottles from the store to your home. Solve the problem where it begins. Your water will be the purest in all the land with a little harmony.


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