Water Softener or Water Filtration System?

Need a water filtration system Charlotte

Have you figured out something isn’t quite right with your water, but you aren’t sure if you need a water softener or a water filtration system?

Signs You Need a Water Softener

You might want to invest in a water softener if:

  • You have calcium build ups in your appliances or pipes (scale)
  • You have water hardness stains on your shower, tub, toilets, or sinks
  • You notice shampoo don’t wash out of your hair well
  • You’ve noticed that soap does not wash off your body well
  • You conducted a hard water test and found out you have hard water

Signs You Need a Water Filtration System

You might want to invest in a water filtration system if:

  • Your water tastes bad
  • Your water smells bad
  • Your water is an odd color
  • You find sediment or particles in your water
  • Your water has a chlorinated smell to it
  • You conduct a water quality test and realize your water quality is not very good (See here for details on Charlotte water quality)

What a Water Softener Does

Water softeners reduce the amount of mineral build up in your water. There are two kinds of water softeners available—those that use salt and those that are salt-free. We’ll explain the pros and cons of both kinds of water softeners as you make your decision.

What a Water Filtration System Does

Water filtration systems use carbon-based filters to remove impurities and sediment from your water. Water filtration systems also counteract chemicals such as chlorine and chlorine byproducts, both of which have been linked to increased incidences of cancer and other health complications. (Read up on the government’s recommendation for use of water filtration systems here.)

Let ER Plumbing Help

ER Services of Charlotte, NC has been helping people determine what their water quality needs are for over two decades. Let us help you decide if you need a water softener or if you need a water filtration system. We’ll explain the benefits and will showcase all your options, from a variety of price ranges and models. You’ll end up with higher quality water at an affordable price.

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