What Causes Sewer Main Line Problems?

A True Emergency Plumbing Situation: Sewer Line Backed Up

Nobody likes to deal with a sewer main line problem, but what causes your sewer line backed up in the first place? The following is a situation we see repeatedly: tree root intrusions. Interestingly enough, we often see this with new construction. This is why:

Tree Root Intrusions Into Main Line

After your new construction home has been built and plumbed, the landscaping is laid down. This often involves heavy equipment rolling over the parts of your lawn where your sewer main line is. The weight of the heavy equipment may cause a hair line crack in your sewer main line, something you won't notice for quite a while. A little sewage will leak into the ground at that point, but no serious problems will happen at first.

However, as time passes, tree roots seeking nourishment and water will find this tiny leak. The roots, desperate for nutrients and hydration, force themselves into the small crack in the sewer main line. They crack the pipe open and grow inside the pipe.

You will finally notice when suddenly your drains aren't draining properly, or sewage starts backing up into your home. This can takes years to happen. At this point, the yard needs to be dug up, the pipe replaced, and then lawn restored.

Look at some of the pictures of root intrusions we've found over the years:

Charlotte clogged pipes

Davidson plumbers, Sewer Line Backed Up

Bowed Sewer Main Line

In some cases, the heavy equipment rolling across your new construction property doesn't crack the sewer main line, but causes it to bow or slump. This bow or slump in the main line makes it impossible for gravity to do it's work. The waste material simply doesn't know which way to flow. This sort of situation requires the replacement of the bowed section of pipe as well.

The following is a picture of a recent situation we encountered.

Charlotte sewer line repair

Sewer line with a bow in the middle

Need a Charlotte Sewer Main Line Repair?

If your sewer main line is backing up or needs attention, we're the Charlotte plumbers for the job. We have all the equipment on hand to detect where the problem is, dig up the sewer main line, repair or replace the segment of pipe, and restore your property. We have the equipment, the trucks and the experience to get your sewer line repaired and your property back in order quickly and effectively.

Give us a call at 704-269-1066 or use our online contact form to schedule an appointment. We're available 24/7, and we'll take care of the problem quickly, leaving your property in excellent condition.

Not Actually in Charlotte?

That's fine! We serve a 30-mile radius of Charlotte. So... if you need a Matthews main line repair or a Davidson main line repair, we're ready to fix your plumbing problem - today. We've got the staff and equipment to get it done.

Article Summary

Quick question & answer: Why is my main sewer line having problems?

Your main sewer line could be having problems because of tree root intrusions into the main line. Roots search for water and force themselves into small cracks, which then crack the pipe open and grow inside the pipe. Another reason is that heavy equipment going across your yard can cause the main line to bow or slump, instead of cracking.

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