What Sets Trenchless Apart

Trenchless equipment

When your home or business in the Charlotte, NC area develops a sewer pipe problem, you'll have a range of options for restoring the pipe's functionality. At E.R. Plumbing Services, we specialize in trenchless pipe rehabilitation. Trenchless pipe repairs offer benefits that set this method apart from other types of pipe restorations.

Protection of Sensitive Environments

Conventional pipe repair methods disturb sensitive environments. They may also release chemicals or toxins into the air, soil, or groundwater. Trenchless pipe lining protects sensitive environments. They are safe for use on properties designated as wildlife habitats, wetlands, and other statuses. Our trenchless equipment facilitates repairs under ponds, swamps, marshes, creeks, and other important habitats.

Preservation of Property Features

A trenchless pipe repair can preserve the trees on your property. The repair process causes no damage to tree roots. Trenchless pipe services require no excavation, so your flowers, garden, and lawn also remain undisturbed. Our crew can work under patios, sidewalks, porches, driveways, and parking lots without requiring the removal of asphalt or concrete. This reduces restoration time and eliminates the need to find contractors to return your property to its original condition.

Simpler and Faster Process

Sewer pipe malfunctions can't wait days or even weeks for repairs. If you operate a business, any delay puts your livelihood and reputation at risk. Sewer problems also compromise safety and health. Trenchless sewer repair procedures offer a quick resolution to leaks, clogs, and backups. Our crews complete nearly all trenchless pipe repairs in just one day of work. We don't have to bring in heavy equipment, which reduces the time and cost of the repair. With our prompt project completion, you can return to your normal routine with minimal downtime or disruption to your schedule.

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