When Is Trenchless the Right Approach

trenchless sewer repair project

When your home or business needs a pipe repair or replacement, they may fear the disruption, hassle, and expense of a conventional pipe replacement. At E.R. Plumbing Services, we offer trenchless sewer repair in Charlotte, NC, that minimizes the impact on your time and property. Understanding when trenchless pipe rehabilitation is the right approach helps you make an informed decision about how to go forward with the repairs your plumbing system needs.

Protect Sensitive Environments

Many existing pipes run along or near sensitive environments. If your pipe is located within or by a wetland, protected plant or wildlife area, or other fragile location, a conventional repair could cause too much damage and disruption. Trenchless pipe repair offers a long-lasting solution that doesn’t disturb sensitive environments. Only one or two access points ensure access for the robotic equipment to perform the pipe rehabilitation.

Avoid Significant Disruption

A conventional repair of a pipe takes a few weeks. During this time, access to your property becomes difficult. If you own or operate a small business, this has a significant impact on your livelihood. Conventional repairs also require heavy equipment that gets in the way of traffic, which leads to additional costs for security or law enforcement. Trenchless repairs require no excavation and avoid disruption of access to your property.

Restore Pipes With Minor to Moderate Damage

Our trenchless company uses this technology on pipes with mild to moderate damage. The trenchless process rehabilitates pipes with small cracks, offsets, gaps, holes, leaks, and areas of rust or corrosion. Trenchless is not the right approach for a pipe that has collapsed or has a large offset.

To learn more about when we take the trenchless pipe restoration approach versus the conventional method of repairing or replacing a damaged or broken pipe, contact us at E.R. Plumbing Services.

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