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We are fortunate to live in Charlotte, NC, a city that cares about the state of our drinking water; whereas, in some countries the individuals or communities are left to determine solutions on their own. We definitely don’t want dysentery, cholera, or E. coli infections, so this means water filtration is necessary. However, municipal water companies use chemicals such as chlorine to clear the water of possible contamination.

And chlorine has the potential to cause cancer.

If chlorine is found above the maximum level of contamination (0.08 mg/L), it creates a by-product grouped under Trihalomethanes, which have the potential to cause cancer when ingested.

Chlorine, along with around fifty others, is listed on NSF, an International not-for-profit organization that certifies products and writes health and safety standards for water, food, and consumer goods. These chemicals are also listed on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) website, with less clarity.

The MOST important factor here is this: all of the disinfectant chemicals used to purify the water from harmful bacteria and disease have the potential to cause cancer.

Scary, huh?

There are maximum contaminant regulations and annual water tests in place to help prevent over contamination, but it still happens.

In 2002, the EPA report, Water on Tap: What You Need to Know, maps out the nation’s contamination levels; and according to the report, 6 – 11 percent of North Carolina’s water companies were over the maximum recommendations for contamination (see page 4).

Federal regulation requires that every citizen (family who uses city water) receives a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) by July 1st of every year. Unfortunately, the report doesn’t come with a manual to teach the average citizen how to read it or what is left un-said. Leaving this report to fall by the wayside, and then directly into the wastebasket.

Water companies have the option (not required) to post their reports on the EPA’s website. Unfortunately, not one of North Carolina’s water reports is accessible.

Water on Tap: What You Need to Know does recommend active carbon filtration systems to remove chlorinated (disinfectant) by-products from your home water system. And so does ER Plumbing.

While you cannot control water companies, maximum contaminant regulations, water testing, etc…, you can control what comes out of your pipes by investing in Whole Harmony, an H20 Harmony Water Filtration System.

Whole Harmony filters your water directly from the point of entry (where city pipe meets your home’s water line), so every faucet and pipe only flows with pure H20.

Deterring chemical breakdown, Whole Harmony will not only extend the life of the pipes in your home, but also the pipes of your life.

Don’t go all anarchy on me because the government IS doing, the best that is possible to protect us from harmful bacteria and diseases. Now it is up to you (and us) to protect your family further by getting rid of the harmful disinfectants in your water supply. Plus, if the municipal water company’s filtration system breaks down, your family will STILL be protected.

It’s unfortunate that water at its purest comes at a price, but living IS priceless.

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