Why Are My Pipes Making Noises?

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If your pipes are making noises, you may or may not have reason for concern. The trick to solving this mystery is to determine what kind of noise your pipes are making, where in the house the pipes are making this noise, and what causes the noise to start and stop. Once you’ve identified these factors, you’ll be able to troubleshoot the issues behind the noises your pipes are making.

Squeaky Pipes

 If your pipes are making a squeaking sound when you turn on the water, it’s probably the pipe coming from your hot water heater. This sound is happening because the pipe is expanding due to the heat of the water running through it. When the pipe expands, it rubs against the straps that anchor the pipe, which makes that squeaky pipe sound. You can get this repaired if the sound really bothers you, but most people don’t do anything about squeaky pipes because they usually aren’t causing any damage.

Pipes Making Banging Sounds

If your pipes are making a banging sound when you turn on the water, it’s probably a case of faulty anchoring of the pipes. Your water pipes are anchored every 6-8 feet or so (closer together horizontally and further apart vertically). If you’re hearing a banging sound in your pipes, the pipes are probably anchored improperly or have come loose somewhere and the water pressure is causing the pipes to rattle or shake. The noise you’re hearing is the pipes banging against the anchoring or other pipes.

Sometimes banging sounds mean there are obstructions in your pipes, like hair, grease, paper towels, feminine products, etc. You may have partially clogged pipes and may need them hydrojetted and cleared.

It’s a good idea to get this checked out by a professional plumber just to make sure no damage is being done and to ensure the pipes are clear.

Pipes Making Hammering Sounds

If your pipes are making a sudden hammering sound when you turn the water off, you have one of several issues going on. Sometimes the pipes make this noise because the water has been turned off suddenly and the sudden halt makes the pipes shift because of the change in water pressure. However, this can also happen is your water pressure in your house is exceeding 80-pounds-per-square-inch. You may want to have a plumber check out your water pressure level to make sure this isn’t something to be concerned about. Your plumber can install water hammer arresters that will reduce or eliminate this problem.

Pipes Making Ticking Sounds

If your pipes are making a ticking sound, it’s probably the water meter. Notify the city that your water meter is ticking and have them replace the faulty water meter.

Pipes Moaning

If your pipes are moaning, there’s probably an issue with the pipes. It could be that the pipes are run through small holes and are rubbing as they expand (due to hot water), or they could be angled improperly. It could also be due to a pressure relief valve that is not set right or something else related to water pressure. You’ll want to have a professional plumber check it out if the moaning continues since anything related to water pressure could potentially cause problems down the road.

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    We have water shutdown everynight and seeing its so hot i havent switch on geyser for days now..we take cold showers. But now geyse is making deflating sound. Im also scared to switch it on and leave it on cos then left on without water could maybe also cause problems. What can that deflating sound mean

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