Why It’s Not Funny if Your Water Smells Funny

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Have you ever noticed water that comes straight from the tap smelling funny? Maybe it smells like rotten eggs, has an earthy smell or smells like a swimming pool. Depending on where the smell is coming from and what it smells like, it could indicate you have a problem in your tap water supply. We will talk about the different things that could be in your water that can cause the water to smell funny and discuss if it is cause for alarm or if it is normal.

Reasons Your Water Smells Funny

Different smells from your water tap are normally from excess amounts of certain minerals, metals or possible contaminants in your water.

Some smells and their culprits are:

  1. Rotten egg smell
    1. Caused by excess sulfur
    2. Peaks during certain times of the year
    3. Not harmful, but too much can cause diarrhea
  2. Earthy smell
    1. Caused by naturally occurring organic compounds that resuld from the decay of different plants from reservoirs and lakes
    2. Peaks in summer
    3. Not harmful
  3. Metal smell or taste (and rusty water color)
    1. Metal smell or taste caused from copper, iron or lead
    2. Color caused by iron
    3. City water supply is regulated to not contain levels of lead too high for human consumption.
  4. Pool water smell
    1. Caused by chlorine
    2. Not harmful unless concentrations are very high
  5. Other bad smell
    1. Some smells can be caused by seepage of environmental contaminants leaking into your water supply
    2. Can be harmful
    3. Make a call to the area water supply headquarters or to a plumber

What Can Be Done So Your Water No Longer Smells Funny?

Most smells do not indicate a serious problem, but can still be annoying and can cause bad taste when you drink it or cook with it. The good news is, you can install a whole house water filtration system that will eliminate these odors from the water you cook with, drink and bathe in.

ER Plumbing offers several great whole house water filtration systems that can be installed. Never worry about funny smells again and filter out potentially harmful chemicals and contaminants with these great water filtration systems. ER Plumbing is here to help you answer any plumbing questions you might have. Give us a call today if your water smells funny.

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: Why does my water smell funny?

Your water smells funny for different reasons. Rotten egg smells are caused by excess sulfur. Earthy smells are caused by naturally occurring organic compounds that result from the decay of different plants from reservoirs and lakes. Metal smell or taste is caused from copper, iron, or lead. A rusty color is caused by iron.

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