Why You Need to Get Your Water Heater Out of Your Attic

So many homes in Charlotte are built on slabs, which can make it more difficult to run plumbing lines through the first floor of your house. Because of this complication, most homes that have a slab foundation also have a water heater in the attic. The attic may also be where the HVAC system is installed. What you may not realize is that a water heater in your attic can cause some serious problems for you as a homeowner. We will talk about the disadvantages of having your water heater in your attic and offer some solutions that could work for you.

Charlotte Water Heater Advice: Problems with a Water Heater in the Attic

Most of these problems might seem obvious to some homeowners, but to others, they are things that may have never crossed your mind before.

  1. Leaks can cause damage
    1. Leaks from a water heater can be major, depending on where the leak is coming from
    2. Damage can be to attic flooring, insulation, drywall, and even flooring if it leaks for a long time
    3. A 50-gallon water heater will overflow the pan, and then some if it bursts or the bottom rusts out
    4. Mold can form from the moisture in your attic
  2. Maintenance is difficult
    1. Routine maintenance should be performed once a year on your water heater, and going into the attic is cumbersome and can either be really hot (in the summer) or really cold (in the winter)
    2. Keeping an eye on the water heater on a daily basis is not as easy either
  3. Adjusting the temperature is harder
    1. If you go away on vacation, it is suggested to turn down your water heater, which can be harder to do, and remember, if your water heater is in the attic
  4. If you have to replace it, it might be more costly
    1. Removing an old water heater and installing a new one up in the attic is a really hard job that might require more hours of labor from a plumber, costing you more money
  5. Insurance is less likely to cover repair if they suspect neglect
    1. Since it is a lot more difficult to maintain your water heater if it is in your attic, it may be one of those things that get put off, and if it does cause significant damage, there is a possibility that your homeowner’s insurance may not cover the repair costs.
    2. If your insurance suspects neglect, you will get stuck with major bills as you repair water damage to drywall, beams, ceilings, flooring, etc.

Solutions to Relocating Your Water Heater

If the builder has already installed your water heater in the attic, you can get it moved to another location in the house or into the garage. This is far less expensive than your water heater leaking and causing thousands of dollars worth of water damage.

Another option is to choose a tankless water heater to be installed in your attic. A tankless water heater doesn’t carry the same risk of leakage that a traditional water heater does, so there is less chance you will have a leak. Plus they are very easy to maintain.

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: Why is it a problem to have my water heater in the attic?

It’s problematic to have a water heater in your attic because leaks can damage your attic and foster an environment for mold. Maintenance should be done yearly and is more difficult because going into the attic is cumbersome. Adjusting the temperature is harder. It may be more costly to replace. Insurance isn’t likely to cover repairs if they suspect neglect.

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7 comments on “Why You Need to Get Your Water Heater Out of Your Attic

  1. Ichabod mudd on

    this is very good.! thanks.
    my neighbor just had their tank(blowout) explode, in tyler texas, -10deg, F, Klondike, temps.
    $50,000 damage so far march,2021
    every word this man said is true.
    I'm moving mine now to over the garage, not over the kitchen.
    gas fired,
    oddly where I want the tank is where GAS manifold and the cold water enters the home.
    just the stack moves and 2 hot water pipe. (loop hot water + pump )
    not only that but the deck over the garage (rafters are 2x12") and up hill from all things, (all pipes)

  2. Tom from California on

    Thanks for this article! Some people I know just learned the hard way about the risks of having a water heater above their ceilings. 🙁

  3. Rosemary on

    #1 Having used E.R. Plumbing for years, I first want to endorse them as reliable, efficient, and nice people - from the people who answer the phone to the people who come. And prices have been reasonable.
    Their advice is "free" yet always valuable, like this info re water heaters in the attic. (I DIDN'T KNOW there are houses with such an arrangement!)
    #2 When I have traveled overseas, I have seen the practical and space-saving advantages of tankless water heaters. I don't know how they compare in price, but it is "hot water on demand" no matter what.

  4. Darby on

    What would be the average cost of relocating a water heater, in a new, 1-story home, from the attic to the Garage? We have a shallow crawl space.

    • David Parker on

      Hey Darby, It would all depend on whether it was gas or electric and would really be beneficial to have someone provide a free quote if at all possible.


    • David Parker on

      The price would depend on the installation of gas, water, and venting requirements. I think it's great your trying to be proactive before a water damage takes place! We can provide a free quote if your located here in Charlotte just give us a call. I would suggest looking into a tankless system if your doing a new installation?


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