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Imagine you are five years old, and your mother just lost her job - again. It’s not her fault, they say. The company is downsizing. You don’t know what downsizing means, but you hear Mom saying she can’t pay the rent, and soon you and Mom are knocking at the door of a local church, asking if they have an open cot.

Mom has stayed strong through it all - through the packing of belongings and saying goodbye to your pet cat, who will stay with a neighbor until Mom gets back on her feet again. She’s faced much bad news with dignity, but tears of joy leak from her eyes as the shelter coordinator hands you a gift bag of toiletries, toys and books that make you smile. They are good tears, she tells you. Together, you snuggle under warm blankets and read a bedtime story.

Bright Blessings is here to help. Learn how you can make a difference along with us.

Make a difference here in Charlotte, positively impacting at-risk families.

Bright Blessings Programs

Bright blessings Charlotte charity plumbing companyBright Blessings has brought toys, books and needed supplies to homeless and impoverished children in the Charlotte area since 2008. In 2018, over 10,000 children have received gift bags, birthday presents, and supplies through Bright Blessings.

Bright Blessings divides efforts into four programs:

  • Bless-a-Birthday
  • Bless-a-Baby
  • Gift of Literacy
  • Gift of Care

Bless-a-Birthday provides the supplies necessary for birthday celebrations at homeless shelters, housing facilities and domestic violence programs. They provide gifts, cake kits, party packs and birthday packages to kids, disadvantaged families and transient homeless students.

Bless-a-Baby delivers homeless and impoverished parents baby supplies such as baby blankets, clothes, diapers, wipes, bottles, feeding supplies, infant healthcare kits and educational material.

Gift of Literacy distributes books and learning supplies such as age-appropriate books, literacy packages and lap desks and school supplies.

Gift of Care supplies families in need with health, care and comfort items such as hygiene sets, blankets, stuff animals, snack bags with healthy snacks.

bright blessings charity charlotte free stuffed animalsE.R. Services and Bright Blessings

E.R. Services is proud to be a Bright Blessings partner. In November and December 2018, E.R. Services delivered two truckloads of stuffed animals and literacy supplies (books, literacy packages, gift bags of literacy materials) to the Walter Bickett Education Center, which will distribute those items to children in need. Throughout January and February 2019, the E.R. Services crew has volunteered multiple times packing up supplies and donations.

Thank You to Those Who Volunteer!

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If you want to become a Bright Blessings partner, contact Bright Blessings for details on volunteer opportunities.