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Charlotte Residential Plumbing Repairs and Services

Drain Cleaning

Are you noticing slow-moving water or standing water in your sink or tub? Is there a foul odor coming from the drains? Does your toilet take a long time to fill back up after being flushed? All of these signs point to clogged and dirty drains. This happens when debris like grease, food, hair, and oil collect in the drain and form clogs that stick to the walls of the drain or pipe.

Trusting local plumbers to remove these clogs is the best way to ensure safe and permanent results. Our drain cleaning plumbing repair works best when it’s done at least once or twice per year. This helps reduce the chances of new clogs forming and protects your plumbing system from inconvenient blockages.

Water Heater Repair

Nothing is more annoying than an unreliable water heater. If your water heater is not producing hot water when it’s supposed to, you may need a professional opinion. There are a number of things that can cause a water heater to malfunction and require professional Charlotte plumbing repair. From the thermostat to electrical components and more. At E.R. Services, we look at all the possibilities before presenting a clear residential plumbing repair plan catered to your unique needs.

Superior Charlotte Plumbing Installation Services

Bathroom Remodeling

Investing in new bathroom fixtures is one of the best ways to add value to your home. Whether your current bathroom is outdated or you are simply looking for a change, switching things up in the bathroom is always a good investment.

We specialize in bathroom remodeling services including toilet, sink and tub replacement, shower installation and more. With our help, you can get your dream bathroom today.

Repiping Services

When it’s not enough to invest in a quick plumbing repair, Charlotte homeowners rely on E.R. Services for quality plumbing installations. This includes whole-house repiping services. If your pipes are old and outdated or you are constantly dealing with water leaks, it may be time to replace the pipes.

Our expert repiping specialists will inspect your pipes and recommend a solution that is affordable, easy and effective.

Full-Service Charlotte Residential Plumbing Services

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Kaitlyn M.

Kaitlyn M.

Met with the Tenant to let her know I was here she show me where the access panel door was this crawlspace was very small I had to wedge myself in there to get to the clean out I had to unclog the line on my stomach and wedge myself to fit to unclog it unfortunately there was toilet paper and feces everywhere and my suit ripped I was able to get the line unclogged and flowing but it was very difficult I was way too big for the space.

Near Anderson St, Charlotte, NC 28205

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Kaitlyn M.

Kaitlyn M.

Picked up two portable heaters

Near Mallory Ln, Harrisburg, NC 28075

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To provide and install Rinnai RSC199 Indoor Direct Vented Tankless Water Heater as follows: - Drain, disconnect existing water heater, and dispose - Supply new Rinnai tankless unit with service valve kit - Mount new tankless water heater in existing location - Provide venting for tankless unit - Connect water distribution lines - Install recirculation system - Install relief line - Insulate water lines as needed - Install expansion tank - Test Notes: Water will be shut down during replacement/install process and restored once complete. -Isolated and removed existing tankless unit. -Installed new Rinnai tankless water heater as quoted. -Tested new unit for proper operation. -Operated properly and is leak free at this time.

Near Selsey Pl, Charlotte, NC 28277

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Bryan  D.

Bryan D.

Basement bathroom: 1. Carrier toilet: Unable to mount toilet at this time. On remodel of bathroom, existing tile(concrete base) was removed, standard tile wall was reinstalled which changed rough-in of carrier. Tile wall was “furred” out 3/4” which corrected waste line, however mounting hardware for toilet(5/8” threaded rod) was not extended out, currently only 1.5-2” is exposed which will not extend out of toilet itself. Attempted to unthread existing threads rod out of carrier however without access to carrier, rod could not be removed. Will provide homeowner with solution, potential of opening drywall behind carrier. 2. Vanity: Unable to trim out vanity due to stand off of vanity from wall(no backsplash), legs of vanity will not allow for vanity to be fully pushed against wall. Homeowner will be attempting to locate backsplash or contact contractor to mount vanity to tile wall. Pull out drawer will need to be cut out for install of p-trap and water lines. 3. Tub: Existing trim for

Near Kentberry Dr, Charlotte, NC 28214

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Kaitlyn M.

Kaitlyn M.

Performed a two system heat maintenance on two gas furnaces checked the heat exchangers flame sensors burners gas pressures blower motors everything checks good and is running as it should

Near Arlen Park Dr, Huntersville, NC 28078