Charlotte Backflow Testing and Certification Services

The plumbing experts at E.R. Services have all the tools and experience to ensure your backflow device is up to code. For reliable Charlotte backflow testing and certification services, call 704-846-5371 today.

Many plumbing systems such as irrigation and boilers utilize a backflow system to prevent contaminated water from flowing into the incoming water supply. At E.R. Services, our experienced plumbing technicians are able to provide comprehensive backflow testing and certification to ensure your Charlotte, NC backflow devices are working effectively.

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What Causes Backflow?

There are several issues that can cause backflow to occur in your home or commercial property. Most commonly, backflow is caused when there is an interruption in the flow of water or if the water pressure in the system is higher than the pressure of the water supply. This causes the water to siphon backward and results in contamination of your water supply. Backflow is dangerous because it happens without warning and does not always show significant signs and symptoms. If backflow has occurred in your home, business or neighborhood clubhouse, people may be exposed to contaminated drinking water that is unsafe to consume, resulting in illness.
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Charlotte Backflow Testing and Certification Basics

Backflow testing, repair, and replacement is essential for residential irrigation systems and commercial and industrial irrigation, fire sprinkler, and building water supply sources. E.R. Services provides service to all three sectors including:

  • Backflow testing
  • Backflow certification
  • Backflow service and repair
  • Backflow installation services

What's the legal penalty if you don't test it and get caught? $100 fine, plus possible termination of water service.

Charlotte Residential Backflow Testing for Irrigation Systems

Many Charlotte homes have backflow devices installed to protect their homes from the risk of backflow. However, there is the possibility that these devices could malfunction or fail, leaving your home at risk for backflow. Testing the device to make sure it’s up to code is the best way to make sure your device is always working efficiently.

Most residential cases we see involve Charlotte irrigation systems. We provide backflow testing services to ensure code requirements have been met. When needed, we provide backflow installation or repair services and provide test results which are then submitted to the county to show your home is up to code.

When we test your device, we will temporarily turn off the water and examine the built-in testing ports on the backflow device. At that point, we will then use a professional kit to test the water and effectiveness of your backflow device.

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Charlotte Commercial Backflow Testing and Certification

Commercial and industrial backflow testing is necessary for irrigation, fire sprinkler, and building water supply sources. Annual testing is recommended. Make sure you are up to code and in compliance with all regulations with a backflow inspection.

Common Backflow Problems

E.R. Services performs a lot of backflow testing, repair, and replacement. Why? Backflow assemblies get stolen for copper and brass, since these precious metals fetch a good price. Backflow assemblies may also freeze from neglect — especially irrigation systems and clubhouses that are shut down for the winter. Both residential and commercial irrigation systems should be drained and winterized to protect them from freezing. All backflows should be tested annually.

Learn More About Backflow Issues and Code Requirements

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Need Charlotte Backflow Testing or Installation Services?

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