Charlotte Water Leak Detection and Repair

Water bill spiked? Suspect you’ve got a leak? Need a Charlotte water leak detection expert? A hidden water leak can cause extensive damage to your home or commercial property, costing you tens of thousands of dollars.

Using a combination of advanced technology and extensive experience, we quickly locate leaks and provide permanent and cost-effective plumbing leak repairs. We’ll help you determine why your water bill spiked, tackling even tough-to-find leaks like:

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Signs You’ve Got a Leak

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Keep an eye out for the following signs of a water leak:

  • The sound of rushing water inside your wall or floor
  • Hot or cold spots inside the wall or floor
  • Mold growth or water stains on the wall or ceiling
  • A sudden spike in your water bill
  • Standing water around your foundation
  • Bubbling water or a sinkhole in your yard

Unfortunately, most water leaks happen places you can’t see them. Hidden leaks cause water damage and can go unnoticed for months, even years.

If the leak is under slab or in your yard, you will experience high water bills and may start to see erosion of your property, sinkholes, or problems with the foundation (if the link is close to your home). Tree roots, seeking water, may grow into the cracked pipe, causing a blockage.

If the leak is in your home, you may develop costly problems with mold, mildew, and structural damage to your home. Make sure to have a plumber check your home if you are seeing any of the signs mentioned above.

Types of Water Leak Detection Services

We use the following state-of-the-art detection and repair equipment to locate breaks, leaks, bellies, and obstructions:

Thermal Imaging Infrared Equipment: Using a specialized infrared camera, we take numerous photos of the pipes at different angles. This technology reveals moisture to pinpoint the problem area.

Xmic: This high tech electronic ground microphone amplifies the noise generated by water escaping from buried supply pipes under pressure so we can find the leak.

Leak Correlation: Sensors deployed at each end of pipe sense the time it takes water to travel the distance, identifying the precise location of the leak.

Meter Testing: We are trained water meter readers that can determine if a leak is present and help locate the problem.

Pipe Repairs: This method involves cutting, excavating, or drilling into your floor or wall to expose the leak, providing a chance to perform an efficient plumbing leak repair Charlotte homeowners can count on.

Because we use quality equipment, our detection and repair process is efficient, minimally invasive and cost effective.

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Why Choose E.R. Services?

In addition to exceptional water leak detection, Charlotte plumbing customers also receive the highest level of customer service and care. You can expect:

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service for Less: Unlike some of our competitors, we do not charge extra for after hours calls.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: We’ll do everything we can to make it right if you are not completely satisfied with our work.

Remarkable Service: We’re committed to quality work and our passion for excellence shines through with our top quality workmanship and friendly service.

No-Hassle Guarantees: As a company, we stand by our service and can always be counted on to do the right thing, no matter what.

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Leak Detection Plumbing Tips

Learn how to troubleshoot a leak at home by reading the following plumbing advice provided by our owner and master plumber, Dave Parker:

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