Charlotte Commercial Repipe Specialists

If your building was constructed before 1970 and has not yet been repiped, it is considered an older plumbing system. Unfortunately, the materials used in older plumbing systems are susceptible to corrosion, resulting in leaks and problems with clogged pipes. Have commercial repipe specialists examine your pipes using advanced video inspection equipment to find out if a simple repair will take care of any problems or if a repiping job is the most cost-effective way to go.

Signs Your Business Needs Repiping

In general, commercial real estate built before 1970 should be repiped before plumbing problems get out of hand. This is to prevent problems related to aging pipes made from inferior materials. Today’s piping materials should last around 70 years, if not longer, meaning it’s a once-in-a-lifetime type of investment.

In most cases, you will start to see signs of corrosion that look like this:

  • Rusty colored water
  • Funky odor to the water
  • High water bills (indicating a hidden leak)
  • Drop in water pressure (also indicating a water leak)
  • Mold appearing in parts of the building (from a hidden leak)
  • Not passing inspection (which can hold up the sale of your building)

By replacing the outdated piping, not only can you take care of smaller, unnoticed issues that can cost you money, but also prevent larger problems that could be lingering just around the corner. With newer plumbing materials and updated building codes, a repiping job can make your commercial real estate more efficient and safer.

What is Involved in a Commercial Repiping Job?

Repiping is the removal of the older pipes and replacing them with newer material. Iron and galvanized steel pipes are replaced by copper, PEX and CPVC pipes. In some cases you may want us to re-configure the pipe layout to improve efficiency.

It is a big job, but that doesn’t mean it has to disrupt your business for long. We’re repiping experts, so we get the job done quickly and efficiently, and we leave behind zero mess.

What About Commercial Pipe Lining?

If you aren’t ready for a repiping job, you may want to invest in pipe lining. A pipe lining project means we place a new lining inside the pipes. The new lining is made of an epoxy or plastic material that is cured in place using a special ultraviolet light.

Plumbing and Repiping for Multi-Unit Rental Properties

We offer the following services to apartments, high rises, condos, townhomes and other multi-unit rental properties:

  • Repiping
  • Bathroom plumbing repairs, extensions, additions and upgrades
  • Laundry room repairs and washing machine connections and installation
  • Drain waste vent (DWV) replacement

Need Charlotte Commercial Repipe Specialists?

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