Charlotte Commercial Sewer Line Service

If your restaurant, grocery store, hotel, church, warehouse, apartment complex, high rise or industrial plant is experiencing sewer line problems, E.R. Plumbing Services is available day or night to fix those sewer line problems right away. Our Charlotte commercial sewer line experts have been clearing, repairing and replacing sewer lines since 1997.

Why Work With Us?

We’ve got the equipment needed to do the job right. We own several excavators, trenchers, jetters and camera equipment, so we can quickly and easily identify where the problem is. Then we can blast out that sewer line clog, using high power hydrojetters.

If we discover there’s a larger problem than a sewer line blockage, we’re prepared to repair or replace sewer lines. We own trenchless technology, which can be used to perform repairs without ripping up your property or disrupting your business.

Other plumbers need to rent the equipment, passing on the cost (and time delay) to your business. We have everything we need to get the job done and to get it done quickly.

Open day and night, 365 days a year. You may wish to schedule your sewer line repair for after hours to meet an emergency need or to reduce the impact on operations. We never charge extra for evening, weekend or holiday sewer line services.

What Types of Commercial Sewer Line Services Do We Offer?

We’re prepared to tackle any sewer line problem, small or large. The following are typical problems we deal with every day:

  • Broken, cracked, offset or collapsed pipes, in which your sewer lines have been damaged by shifting soil, frozen ground, settling, etc.
  • Line blockage from grease buildup or a foreign object that restricts proper sewage flow.
  • Corroding pipes that are deteriorated, broken or otherwise restricting flow of sewage.
  • Leaking joints.
  • Bellied pipes in which a section of the sewer pipe has warped and sunk because of soil conditions.
  • Tree roots have grown into the sewer line.
  • Existing pipes are corroding because they were constructed of substandard or outdated pipe material.

We provide sewer line cleaning and sewer line repair and replacement services, using the latest cutting edge technology to identify and fix the problem.

Commercial Sewer Drain Cleaning Service

Most commercial sewer drain blockages occur because dirt, debris, grease, organic matter and mineral deposits have built up. We use the latest water jetting technology to send powerful jets of water through your sewer lines to cut through grease, sludge, sand, sediment and debris and clear the toughest blockages, including tree roots that may have grown into the pipes through cracks in your sewer line.

Commercial Sewer Drain Repair and Replacement

Sometimes while clearing a blockage, we discover that your sewer lines are bellied, corroded or punctured by tree roots. If you need a sewer line repair, we can handle it in the manner of your choosing. We have top of the line excavation equipment available for a trench repair, plus we have trenchless technology to perform a no-dig sewer line repair.

Commercial Bathroom Stoppages

If you’ve got problems with your sewer lines related to commercial bathroom stoppages, we know you need service fast. Whether you need your office or restaurant toilets serviced, we respect your business and will make your service call a priority. We’ll clear those toilet and urinal stoppages and make sure the sewer lines are draining smoothly.

Need Charlotte Commercial Sewer Line Service?

Give us a call at 704-846-5371 to discuss your commercial plumbing needs. We’ve got the most current technology and equipment, so we’re ready to tackle your project, big or small.