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Nothing is more frustrating than a clogged drain in your home. Whether it’s seeing water take a long time to drain from the sink, having trouble flushing the toilet or smelling foul odors coming from the drain, clogged drains are an unwelcome surprise.

At E.R. Services in Cornelius, NC, we provide safe and effective drain repair and cleaning designed to remove stubborn clogs and keep your drains sparkly clean. Serving the community since 1997, we have the tools and experience to offer the most comprehensive drain cleaning service in the area.

We Know Cornelius

plumber Cornelius NC, drain cleaning Cornelius, need a plumber CorneliusWe know that Cornelius is a lovely community filled with historic homes and businesses, lakefront property, and new construction. We understand the fact that your café or shop can’t close due to plumbing problems and that your home could suffer catastrophic damage if a plumbing problem goes unattended. That's why we make it a priority to offer our services to your area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cornelius is a growing community (about 12,000 residents and still growing) that takes a lot of pride in its beautiful homes and places of business. We understand how important it is to protect your real estate investments, whether you own places of business or a lovely home. That’s why ER Plumbing can serve you so well.

Benefits of Drain Cleaning

In many cases, homeowners will try to DIY drain clean instead of working with a drain cleaning company. The reason for this is perhaps wanting to save money and time rather than work with a professional. In most cases, a clogged drain results in homeowners reaching for a bottle of store-bought liquid drain cleaner. These products are effective at dissolving the hair, food, grease and oil that usually makes up a clog.

However, the active ingredient in these products is usually lye. Lye will chew through the clog and then proceed to corrode and destroy the inner pipe wall. It will create weak spots that will eventually rupture and cause a burst pipe emergency.

Professional drain cleaning is completely safe and effective at removing stubborn clogs without damaging the pipes. The service is quick, affordable and easy. It’s also known to improve the overall health of your pipes and prevent future clogs when done on an annual basis.

How to Prevent Future Clogs

Although professional drain cleaning is easy and affordable, the goal for homeowners is to not experience annoying clogged drain emergencies in the first place. Try these tips and tricks to prevent future clogs in your drains:

  • Install hair and food screens over the drain to catch debris before it gets washed away.
  • Never pour grease or oil down the drain because it will cool and solidify, providing the perfect base for a clog.
  • Invest in annual or bi-annual drain cleaning services.
  • Between drain cleaning appointments, run hot water down the drain at least once per week. This will quickly dislodge any potential clogs before they can stick to the pipe wall.

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