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Why Work With Us?

We know how to solve sewer line problems. We've provided Davidson with sewer service since 1997, so we know the unique issues of the town and have a proven track record of solving those problems.

We're committed to your satisfaction. You want to work with plumbers that are reliable and will do the job right at a decent price.

You won't have to wait for us to rent heavy equipment. Most plumbing companies don't have their own equipment, which means you'll have to wait to get your sewer line repair or replacement done. We own the required equipment and are ready to go at a moment's notice.

We are local. You've probably noticed that a lot of chains have expanded into the Charlotte area. We're local plumbers committed to the Davidson and greater Charlotte community. We live here, work here, and volunteer here.

Give us a call at 704-846-5371 and find out why our motto is "Serviced Once, Client for Life!"

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Do I Have Sewer Line Problems?

If you're seeing the following signs, you probably have a crack in your sewer line or a sewer line clog:

  • Sewerage is backing up into lower level drains of your home. This can show up in your lower level shower stall, toilet, or even kitchen sink.
  • Dreadful smells coming from your drains.
  • Standing water in your shower stall or a lower level bathtub.
  • Your yard has suddenly greened up somewhere along your pipeline, suggesting sewage has been leaking out and fertilizing your lawn from below.

What Causes Sewer Line Problems?

Most sewer line problems happen because of the following:

  • Heavy equipment rolled over the sewer line, cracking or breaking it. This can be equipment used to aerate your lawn, bulldoze earth, fix another problem, or perform landscaping or renovation work.
  • Temperature changes caused the earth to expand and contract around your sewer pipe, causing a crack or slumping of the pipe.
  • Tree roots found a way into the sewer pipe through a tiny crack, and now your sewer line is full of tree roots. This is a very common problem.

Looking for a "Plumber Davidson NC" That Will Fix Your Sewer Line?

Give us a call at 704-846-5371 for quick, reliable Davidson sewer line service. We'll leave your property in excellent condition, and will fix your sewer line with minimal fuss and mess.