water wasted by running toilet

How much does a running toilet cost in water waste?

Question: How much does a running toilet cost me?

Answer: An unseen leak in your toilet can be an expensive, hard-to-find problem. If you noticed a water bill spike, you need to know how much a running toilet cost you. The constant running or leaking can cost you $100+ a month on your water bill, so you’ve got to go leak hunting if you’ve noticed a water bill spike or any other of these symptoms:

  • Your toilet makes gurgling or wooshing noises long after it’s been flushed
  • Your toilet won’t stop running unless you jiggle the handle
  • Your toilet continues to take on water after it’s refilled
  • When flushing, you have to hold the lever for a long time for the bowl to drain
  • The bowl is filling above the overflow
  • Your toilet starts to turn off and on by itself

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