Question: Will hot water clear my drain clogged with tile grout? My bathtub drain is clogged with grout. How do I clean grout out of my tub drain?

bathtub clogged with grout

How do I remove grout from my bathtub drain?

Answer: It's pretty much impossible to remove grout from your bathtub drain without professional grade equipment. Because grout sets up even when under water, you will need to use powerful sewer and drain cleaning technology to try to blast it out. If the line is plastic, the grout might break up and dislodge itself from the line and may be able to be moved out of the line. If your pipes are steel, the grout will probably stay in there forever, and you may need to replace the pipes. Replacing a few feet of pipe is not the end of the world, but you do need to hire a plumber to deal with the problem of grout in the bathtub drain line.