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How do I unclog a slow draining shower?

Question: My shower drain is draining slowly. How do I unclog my shower drain?

Answer: Shower drains clog because of hair and bathing products collecting in the drain. Try pouring boiling water with a generous amount of Dawn dish soap (degreasing dish soap) into the drain to break up any greasy gunk that may be holding hair together. Then use a plastic zip it or a wire coat hanger (after straightening it and creating a small hook at the end) to try to catch and pull hair and grease out of the drain.

If the zip it or coat hanger isn't doing the trick, try loosening the clog by plunging the shower drain with a toilet plunger. Place a thin layer of petroleum jelly around the rim of the plunger to improve suction. Plunge for a while, then try the zip it or coat hanger again.

Still clogged? Call a plumber. Do not use caustic chemicals to try to unclog the drain. They rarely work and can cause health risks including serious chemical burns from backsplash.

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