replace bathtub faucet when leaking

Is your bathtub faucet leaking? It may be time to replace your faucet.

Question: How can I tell if I need to replace my bathtub faucet?

Answer: It may be time for a new faucet if your faucet is constantly dripping. If you have turned the water completely off and it is still dripping, something is wrong. It may feel minor but over time those drips add up, raising your utility bill. Find out how much a dripping faucet costs here, using a leaky faucet calculator to estimate water waste costs.

Leaking shower handles handles are also a sign it's time for a new faucet. Throughout the years of using your shower, the handles can start to leak at the base where they meet the wall. The external valve of the handle and the inside of the water supply pipe start to degrade. Whether it is a rubber gasket or a close-fitting steel component, these materials are as vulnerable to wear and tear as is every other moving element and will eventually need to be substituted.

What to Do

You might be able to get away with changing out the O-rings or washers, or it may be time for an entirely new bathtub faucet.

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