fix a leaking faucet or hire a plumber to fix faucet

How hard is it to fix a leaky faucet?

Question: Should I hire a plumber to repair my leaking faucet?

Answer: Feel free to try this relatively simply plumbing project on your own, but realize that a plumber will be able to do this job in a very short period of time, with no problems at all.

The plumber will also quickly identify if the faucet is not repairable, and the plumber can replace the faucet in the same appointment. Plumbers have the experience to replace a faucet with no issue. The job is really routine and once the faucet is on hand it should take about an hour. Keep in mind that for a novice do-it-yourselfer, replacing or repairing your own faucet, while do-able, may take a long time and several trips back and forth to the hardware store.

What to Do

How much is it going to cost to hire a plumber? Try to figure out what kind of faucet you already have in order to save cash, checking the make and model online. It is worth it to reach out to the manufacturer. If the model has a known defect, the manufacturer will sometimes swap out for a discount or free of charge. Other times, providers offer to send replacement parts to you at no cost or at an extreme discount.

Have a chat with your plumber after you order the new faucet or faucet parts. Get a quote for a replacement faucet, asking them if they need you to buy the faucet yourself and see if they quote you both with and without the faucet parts. If the plumber acquires the faucet, it will cost more than if you buy the new faucet or faucet parts yourself, but it may be worth it to you to save the time and hassle.

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