Charlotte clean out valve replacement

How do I find my clean out valve?

Question: I can't find my clean out. Where is my clean out located?

Answer: You can locate your clean out valve by following these simple steps:

  • First, find your main city sewer line. If you can’t find the manhole above the sewer line (in the street), call the city and ask for help.
  • Walk from the main city sewer line location in the street towards your home. The clean out valve is somewhere in front of your home, in between the sewer line and the front wall of your house.
  • If you still can’t find the clean out valve, go into your crawl space or basement and find a pipe from a bathroom in the home and follow it to the wall. Figure out approximately where this is on the front wall of your house. Now go back outside and check the ground in that area.
  • You may need to dig around in mulch, flowerbed dirt, or grass to find the clean out valve if it has been covered up by landscapers.

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