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How can I tell if my water meter is working?

Question: Why did my water bill spike?

Answer: Most unexplained water bill spikes are caused by a hidden leak, but sometimes it's a broken water meter. To find out if the water bill spike is your responsibility or the water company's, turn off the water in the house and check the water meter. If the dial is still moving, you have a water leak or your water meter is broken.

What causes a water bill spike? Sometimes it's a true increased use of water, but sometimes a water bill spike is caused by a broken water meter. You want to figure out why it happened and whose fault it is.

What To Do

1. Turn off all water usage in your home. Make sure no appliances are running.

2. Locate your water meter.

3. Check to see if the dial is still moving. If the dial is moving, water is still being used in your home, water is leaking somewhere or the meter is broken.

4. If the dial is moving, call a plumber to come check for hidden leaks. If there are no hidden leaks, it's the water meter.

5. If it's the water meter, call Charlotte Water at 311 or 704-336-7600.

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