protect home from burst pipe

Can you protect your home from flooding?

Question: How can I protect my home from a pipe bursting while I’m out of town?

Answer: You can protect your home by installing a smart home leak defense system.

One of our favorites products is Flo by Moen. Flo is a smart home leak defense system that protects your home from leaks and water waste by monitoring how much water you use, confirming your standard water usage, if your kids left the water running, or if your shower head or faucet is leaking.

The device is intelligent enough to switch the water off to the issue place, so you can regulate the water even if you're not at the house. It can even turn off the stream of water to a working toilet until you have the opportunity to resolve the problem, or turn off the stream of water to one part of your house or outside water facilities. Once you have been told about a drip, leak or unexpected water use, you can choose to switch off the water, regardless of where you are.

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