Question: I just realized we must have a hidden leak somewhere underneath the flooring or inside a wall; I'm seeing evidence of water damage. What should I do?

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Get a leak detection expert out to assess water damage

Answer: You will need to get an expert out to assess the damage ASAP.

What You Should Do

Call a restoration company to get an estimate of how bad the damage is and to look into possible mold growth. It's important to get a professional to look at the damage as soon as possible because you need to completely dry the area within a couple days or you risk serious long term damage that is very costly to repair or replace. This is especially true if cabinets, drywall or hardwood floors are involved.

Water damage is insidious; water seeps into flooring, subflooring and places you can't see. You need experts with moisture meters to assess how extensive the damage is and to help you determine how to properly dry the affected areas.

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