thaw frozen pipes with hair dryer

How can I safely thaw frozen pipes?

Question: My pipes are frozen. How can I safely thaw frozen pipes?

Answer: After you locate the frozen pipes, turn off the water supply in order to prevent pressure build-up, and slowly raise the heat. The following are good and safe ways to safely heat the pipes and slowly thaw the frozen pipes so you don't cause the pipe to burst.

What You Can Do

The most popular way to thaw frozen pipes by using a blow dryer on low or medium heat, carefully warming the affected area. A space heater can be used as well, but be cautious of how it is positioned as you don’t want it too close to the pipe and should not leave it unattended. You can also wrap warm wet towels around the pipes, replacing them every so often. You can also use a heating pad with the temperature set on low or medium, but beware of the risk of water from the thawing pipes interacting with the electricity. Use caution when thawing pipes with any sort of electrical unit.

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