What causes gas leaks

What causes gas leaks?

Question: Why do gas leaks happen? What causes a gas leak?

Answer: The easiest gas leak to fix is leaving a burner on the gas stove or accidentally knocking into the knob, permitting a small amount of gas to leak. By turning the burner off and opening some windows, you can safely dispel the gas that leaked into the air.

However, while that was a simple fix, other gas leaks can be deadly. It not worth it to hang around trying to figure out the location of the gas leak is not worth the risk to your safety; a gas explosion is very very dangerous. Locating the source before the leak causes an explosion can be very difficult.

What causes gas leaks? Moving appliances is a common cause of gas leaks; the gas line can break or crack while the appliance is being moved, and there's no way you can stop the leaking of gas on your own. You will need a professional to take care of the problem if you find out an appliance is leaking gas.

Other causes of gas line breaks are when heavy equipment runs over a gas line that is underground, it can crack it. Sometimes it's simply an issue of age; the gas line could be old and susceptible to breakage. It could also be an issue related to poor installation practices. Never try to install a gas line on your own; it's not worth the risk.

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