prevent mold in home with dehumidifier

How can I prevent mold?

Question: My house smells musty. How do I get rid of musty odors in my home?

Answer: The existence of mold or mildew is the most prevalent justification for a musty smell in your house. If your house smells musty, you have mold somewhere.

What You Can Do

Take some moment to check around for spots of mildew or rust before you attempt to cover up the smell. It's much more important to remove mold than to mask the smell; mold causes serious health problems if not handled properly.

Check places that are humid, like the attic, basement, and storage closets. You may find that old blankets, tarps, or furniture have gotten moldy and need to be thrown away. This is the easiest solution. Wear a protective respiration mask as you investigate sources of mold to protect yourself from health risks and get rid of anything that has become moldy.

If you find mold on the ceiling, walls or floors, hire a professional to remove it properly so you do not put your family's health at risk. Mold usually looks like brown, black, white, or green patches.

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