HOA winterize clubhouse

Does your neighborhood HOA need help winterizing the clubhouse?

Question: I’m on my neighborhood HOA. What should our HOA do to winterize our neighborhood clubhouse?

Answer: The HOA can start by draining all the hoses, and then detaching and packing them in a safe warm area so they don’t crack.

Then turn off the water to the showers outside.

Empty the irrigation systems to prevent the bursting and freezing of lines.

All the drinking fountains should be drained and turned off.

The gutters should also be routinely cleaned along with the drains so you won't have problems when you open back up in the spring.

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Hire a plumber to perform neighborhood clubhouse winterizing if you do not have a crew of volunteers willing to take on the task of winterizing. The cost of burst pipes or ruined clubhouse plumbing is far more than the cost of having a plumber take care of the clubhouse for a couple hours.