outdoor faucet clogged

Why is my outdoor faucet not working?

Question: Why is my outdoor faucet not working? The water pressure inside the house is fine, but my outdoor faucet is not working.

Answer: It's most like that there is something lodged in the faucet, jamming the opening.

What You Can Do

Take off the bonnet nut and the handle, unscrew the stem, and inspect the washer. If the washer looks clear, run water and clear out the faucet. The problem should be resolved if your water pressure is decent.

If you are still unsuccessful, put the faucet back together and perform the same procedure on the valve inside. If you are still having issues with your outdoor faucet, you may need to call a plumber to investigate the issue further.

If the faucet has no water, the issue could be the aerator or the spout inside the faucet. At the bottom of the faucet spout, rubble may get into the filter. This is a tool that screws into the bottom of the spout to limit water movement and supply air to the water so that when it reaches the ground, the water will not splash. The flow restrictor is located at the rear of the aerator in the chamber of the faucet spout. Unscrew and remove the aerator from the spout to clean it. If the issue still isn’t resolved, detach the faucet and look for debris.