plumbing snake or hydrojetter for serious clogged drain

Which should I use, a plumbing snake or a hydrojetter?

Question: Should I use a hydro jetter or a plumbing snake on my clogged drain?

Answer: When deciding on if you should use a plumbing snake or a hydro jetter, you have to take into consideration what type of clog you have. A snake is best used for local clogs that are within three feet of the entry point. The hydro jetter is best used for build up inside the pipes like grease corrosion and other debris that a snake wouldn’t be able to reach.

What You Can Do

When dealing with a serious clog, you need to take into consideration your training level and the tools you have at your disposal. Even plumbing snakes can be dangerous if you go industrial grade and don't know what you are doing. Use caution when using heavy duty plumbing snakes; it's possible to break pipes or hurt yourself if you don't use them properly.

Hydrojetters should only be used by an experienced plumbers as you can seriously injure yourself if you do not know how to use it properly.

When tackling a clogged drain or toilet, first determine if the clog is within a few feet of the entry point or if it's deep down the line. If it's more than three feet deep, call a plumber. If it's within three feet, try using a plumber's snake to loosen or break up the clog.

You may determine it's a sewer line back up, caused by a deep clog or tree roots. In that case, you need a plumber to clear the line.