questions about hydrojetters in Charlotte

What is a hydrojetter? Is it the same as a pressurejetter?

Question: What is pressure jetting? Is hydro jetting safe for pipes? What is power flushing used for?

Answer: All of these names – pressure jetting, hydro jetting, hydro scrubbing and power flushing – are names for the same plumbing service: use of an intensely powerful jet stream of water to forcefully blast through clogs in pipes and to strip clean the inside of your pipes.

Power flushing removes any build up and debris by shooting high water pressure in the pipes. A hydro jetter is safe to use on your pipes as long as its used by a professional. Not using the equipment properly can damage your pipes, and worse, you could injure yourself.

What You Can Do

Do not try to use a hydro jetter on your own unless you have been professionally trained; they are dangerous. If you've got a serious clog that is not responding to a plumber's snake, hire a professional plumber to pressure jet your drains.