Question: How do you turn off a sewer alarm? My sewer alarm won't turn off!

Charlotte sewer lift station plumbing serviceAnswer: Sewer systems hit problems when one of the following three things happens:

1. Sometimes sewer systems get overloaded when large amounts of water is dumped into the septic system. This can happen if you run several loads of laundry plus run the dishwasher, or if a lot of people are taking showers.

2. Sometimes ground water floods the septic system. This happens in storms or day upon day of rain.

3. Sometimes the problem is with a component within the septic system. Your septic system might have problems if the pump, floats, alarm or timer breaks down.

What You Can Do

If your septic system alarm is going off, stop using water, stop flushing toilets and turn off the washing machine, dishwasher and any other appliances that use water to minimize the chances of a sewage backup. You may need to hit the red "off" button on the alarm box. This switch will stop the alarm from sounding.