Learn how to troubleshoot a toilet tank that isn't filling

Why isn't my toilet tank filling?

Question: Why isn’t my toilet tank filling? Why isn’t any water flowing into the tank of my toilet?

Answer: When water does not flow into a toilet, you can troubleshoot the problem by turning off the water supply, and then removing the cap from the top of the fill valve in the reservoir (ball cock/float valve). Turn on the water with a tiny plastic jar over the opening once the cap is lifted to redirect the water to the tank. If no water exits the opening with all the parts of the fill valve removed, the fill valve is likely clogged.

Now you are going to need to remove the supply line from the toilet bottom you have to shut the water off and then redirect the supply line into a bucket or small bowl and then turn the valve back on. If water still isn’t flowing out of the supply tube, you will need to shut down the main water supply to the house and take the valve out of the wall, your blockage is in the valve duct. If there is no blockage in the valve, you must begin taking parts of the pipe back to the meter until the blockage is found.