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How can trenchless technology save your business money?

Question: How does trenchless technology save businesses time and money?

Answer: Trenchless technology makes it possible to repair, replace or install sewer lines and water lines with minimal disruption to property. This means you will not have to repair or restore an extensive amount of your business property after a sewer line or water line repair.

Traditional sewer line or water line work often requires a plumber to excavate a long, deep trench where the sewer line or water line once ran. Trenchless technology only requires a couple of holes to be dug, since the work inside the line is done using either a method called cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liner, which pushes or pulls a deflated pipe coated with adhesive epoxy through the existing pipe or a method called pipe bursting in which new piping is placed as damaged pipe is blasted away.

This means you don't have to shut down your business for an extended period of time as your property is excavated and then repaired. Trenchless technology is quick and painless.

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