cost of water filtration system

Can I afford a water filtration system?

Question: Water filtration systems are expensive. Can you provide a cost-benefit analysis of a water filtration system? Can it actually save me money if I install a water filtration system?

Answer: If you have been inquiring about water filtration devices already, you understand that tap water has a lot of damaging chemicals that can be detrimental to our safety. A water filtration device can not only assist in decontaminating your water but also to help save cash on the cost of drinking water.

While bottled water  is convenient, it is rather expensive. Calculate out how much you typically spend on bottled water, and then look into the water quality of the bottled water you've been purchasing. If you've been buying the cheaper packs of bottled water, you are probably just buying bottled tap water that has not been filtered. If you have been buying the more expensive filtered bottled water, you are probably spending a fair amount every year on bottled water.

If you add a whole home water filtration unit and implement some very easy methods to save on the amount of your household cash you spend on drinks, you'll get a good return on your investment.

What You Can Do

Take the following steps to perform a cost-benefit analysis of investing in a whole house water filtration system as compared to buying high quality bottled water.

1. Find out if the bottled water you've been buying is filtered or not.

2. Calculate out the cost of buying filtered bottled water.

3. Use a calculator to figure out what it will cost you to invest in a water filtration system and reusable water bottles.

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