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Is well water in Charlotte NC safe? Who is responsible to test well water?

Question: Is North Carolina well water safe? What is the talk about arsenic in North Carolina well water? Should I worry about well water in Charlotte?

Answer: Well holders in North Carolina are responsible to do their own water quality testing and to make sure their well water is safe on their own. State law involves only the testing of freshly constructed personal reservoirs for contaminants, although local wellness services are testing wells for a charge.

Arsenic has been identified in North Carolina wells in Central Piedmont. State officials reported that 20 percent of the wells tested in Union County have potential unhealthy arsenic levels. These hazards are presented by less than 1% of those in Mecklenburg County, but many wells in Mecklenburg County have not been tested.

North Carolina ranks number 4 in the nation when it comes to risk of arsenic in well water, meaning North Carolina is very high risk. Read the original article in the Charlotte Observer for details.

What You Can Do

If you have well water, you definitely should get your water tested for arsenic and other contaminants. Find a reputable water quality testing company from this state-approved list of testers.

If you discover you have concerning contaminants in your water, contact E.R. Plumbing Services to discuss your options. Depending on the contaminants, you may wish to switch from well to city water or to invest in a whole house water filtration system.

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