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Can My Water Heater Be Saved?

This is a question we get asked every day. Maybe your water heater has been under-performing, putting out very little or inconsistent hot water. Your pilot light keeps going out, or you're heard strange rumbling noises from the tank.

The answer depends on a lot of factors. That rumbling noise might go away with a simple flush and drain of the tank. You might be able to get better hot water production if we replace the anode rod. However, if your water heater is too old or has suffered too much damage, it might be time for a new unit.

We treat your water heater issues with respect and consideration. Do you have it in your budget to invest in a new water heater, or do you need us to do whatever it takes to try to keep your old water heater working for another couple years? We'll talk it over and decide what's best for you.

So... You Need a New Water Heater

If you need a new water heater, it's important to recognize that a water heater is an investment. Chances are that new water heater will last between 10-20 years (depending on what type you get). You wouldn't blindly buy a new car, and you really shouldn't just get the latest version of whatever water heater you used to have. Water heaters have changed a lot in the last ten years, so you'll want to consider your options before committing.

There are several types of water heaters on the market, but in general we usually end up talking with our customers about tank or tankless water heaters. Both are great options, but the deciding factors are usually determined by the answers to the following questions:

How long do you plan on living in your home? Under 10 years? Then a tank water heater is your best bet. Over 10 years? Investing in a tankless water heater is the most cost effective option, since tankless water heaters usually last 20 years (and tank water heaters typically last 10-12 years).

How many people live in your home? Three or under? A tank water heater will do. Four or more? You'd benefit from the endless hot water of a tankless.

How much money do you have budgeted for this new water heater? Low budget? A tank is the best choice. Got a little cash available and want to invest in the long term most cost efficient option? Invest in a tankless. You'll save money on energy costs and longevity of the unit.

As you can see, buying a new water heater is an investment. We will gladly walk you through your options and make sure you get the right water heater for your home.

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